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Hi and welcome to The Cusworth Arms Pub & Wine Bar:

A place for people to talk, relax, meet other people and hopefully make new friends.


Our Beers

When The Cusworth Arms opened its doors in 2009 we made a pledge to improve the choice of draught beers available to the public in Sebring.

Today, we are still committed to trying to get on tap some of the best imported and domestic craft beers available in our area. Our main aim is to offer a selection that satisfies the majority of tastes, but don’t be fooled into thinking that because we offer a good variety or because our pub is located in a hotel we are expensive: 

We also pride ourselves on passing on our imported and craft draught beers at some of the best prices you will find, not only locally but nationally. If you like a variety of imported and craft beers, check out our prices and selection, most people are pleasantly surprised!

Our Wines

For those that enjoy a good glass of wine, our 8 house wines each described as “a quality on-premise wine brand in the popular premium price category” offer great value for money; especially as we don’t charge the premium price for it!

For those who prefer different premium wine, we are happy to accommodate. Our selection of premium wines tend to fall in to the low to medium price range and are continually changing but we do try our best to satisfy most tastes, at competitive prices.